Ober and Obertine
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Ober and Obertine
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Ober and Obertine is the charming story of an unusual friendship, and is filled with heroic rescues, acts of kindness, responsibility, and appreciation.
The many adventures illustrate timely lessons in ethical behavior, the dangers of bullying, the merit of good deeds, and most of all, the priceless value of friendship.

In a time when many parents feel strongly about building a solid foundation for their children's love for the written word, this story is a wonderful contribution. Ober and Obertine is written in an entertaining style that is easy to understand, yet challenging enough to hold the attention of older children and adults. This book passes the "read aloud" test with flying colors. It provides many fun opportunities for entertaining vocal characterizations and vocabulary-building discussions, as well as encouragement for children to use their imaginations in fleshing out the characters and settings.

What others have to say:

"I absolutely love the inspiring, empowered, imaginative little girl in this story. I was drawn into her wonderful world where anything is possible when you choose to do good and be kind to others. It's a fantastic read for all ages, reminding everyone to let the unique light inside you shine. You'll love the characters and the amazing adventures you get to experience with them."

~Sarah Swidron

"Ober and Obertine is a unique book which emphasizes the significance of good manners, good values, good deeds, and good friendship. I not only recommend this volume, but believe that it should be a required reading for both children and adults."

~ Bill Akin

"If you have a little girl who dreams, or whom you would like to dream big, get her this lovely book."

~ Steve Pogue

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Meet Obertine

When it comes to 5-year-old girls, Obertine Parker is far from the average, yet a perfect example of how easy it is for adults to underestimate the intelligence, determination, confidence, and wisdom of children.

Although blessed with a stable family and a happy, comfortable life, Obertine is driven to make the world a better place for everyone. Her no-nonsense attitude is tempered with optimism and generosity. She knows her own mind and what she wants, but is happiest when sharing her abundance with others.

Meet Ober

Ober is an unusual lion: soft-spoken, articulate, and kind. Despite his animal nature, he rarely acts without careful consideration, and has adopted a philosophy of pacifism coupled with an intolerance for injustice.

Born in the grasslands of Tanzania's Serengeti, he spent his youthful days exploring the beauty and quiet of Africa's diverse wildlands. At the age of 8 he was abducted by poachers who sold him to the first of a series of travelling zoos, where he lived in captivity the majority of his adult life.

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