the Snail

a delightful new book for children of all ages

by Allison Dietz, Devon Nicholson and Daphne Pogue

About the Book

Fundi the Snail is the story of a young gastropod who leaves home in search of experience and knowledge. Daring to face the harsh light of day and the dangers of the sunlit world, Fundi sets out on a quest that teaches him of the hazards, excitement and beauty of the unfamiliar, and the ultimate importance of home and family. The vibrantly colored, charming illustrations add to the wonderful character of the story and help to create this heartfelt and timeless tale of curiosity, adventure and love.

A collaboration between three sisters, the concept of Fundi came from the "middle" sister, Daphne Pogue. A travel agent by profession, her own wanderlust and enthusiasm for new discoveries spawned the idea of a little snail whose adventurous spirit inspires him to see the world. The main character's name was suggested by the Bay of Fundy, which Daphne thought would translate into an amusing name for a snail.

Having heard the original version of the story from Daphne, the youngest sister, Allison Dietz, began using it as a bedtime tale for her two young sons. The different adventures enjoyed by Fundi would change periodically, but as is usually the case with such things, the boys would request reruns of some of the adventures, which eventually inspired Allison to put the story into written form. After a visit to her son's elementary school class during which she read the story to an attentive group of first graders, the notion of a book began to take form in Allison's mind.

She broached the subject with the eldest sister, Devon Nicholson, herself a writer and professional artist. After reading the manuscript, Devon developed the visual images of the characters and their surroundings. Each of the illustrations are from individual paintings in acrylic on canvas board. Devon then designed the layout of the book and the cover and set the wheels in motion for publication.

"Fundi the Snail" is published by, and available through the website,, and via order through most booksellers nationwide.

About the Creators

Allison Dietz has been writing for much of her life and dreaming of wonderful adventures. She is now starting a new one with the publication of this book. She lives in South Texas with her two sons who are her greatest inspiration.
Allison Dietz
Devon Nicholson is a nationally recognized needlepoint design artist and graphic designer who has been creating works of art since she was a young girl. She enjoys her garden (itself a work of art), her children and her young grandson. She lives in the Sierra foothills of California.
Devon Nicholson
Daphne Pogue has always exhibited a sharp sense of humor and an eye for beauty. An avid collector of antiques and collectibles, her travels in search of new and interesting acquisitions led to the inspiration for Fundi. That, just one of her many creative ideas, led to a dream fulfilled for three sisters.

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December 6th
10:30 AM

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Reading and Book Signing
Join Allison Dietz for a full reading,
special art project and an opportunity to
have your book signed by one of the authors.

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